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Großbaustelle mit Arbeitsmaterial von Valentic Bau GmbH aus Bad Reichenhall

Civil engineering from Valentic Bau


Professionals for high-quality renovation and renovation, at your service3

The Valentic Bau team can plan and implement your project. We transform your space on time and within budget. We offer free consultations, realistic estimates and excellent customer service to ensure owner satisfaction.

Bagger beim Ausheben


Advice & Cost estimate

Are you unsure about your renovation project?

We would be happy to advise you and take over.planning and implementation.

You will receive professional advice. You can rely on our experience.

Our services in civil engineering


Valentic Bau is your expert in landscaping. We design outdoor facilities and open spaces with care and expertise to create aesthetically pleasing and functional environments. From terrain modeling to planting to the creation of paths and squares - we transform your visions into impressive landscapes that reflect your needs and wishes.

Treppenbau im Rahmen des Landschaftsbaus

Channel and
Pipeline construction

Our specialists at Valentic Bau are experienced in the construction of canals and piping systems . We install efficient sewage and utility lines in accordance with local regulations and standards. From planning to implementation, we ensure the highest quality and precision to ensure a reliable infrastructure for your project.

Zwei Bauarbeiter beim Rohrleistungsbau von von Valentic Bau GmbH aus Bad Reichenhall

Building clearance

Valentic Bau offers professional building excavation in civil engineering. We take care of the safe and efficient excavation of buildings, whether for demolition work, renovations or new construction projects. Using modern techniques and thorough planning, we ensure that the excavation is carried out properly, in compliance with all safety regulations and environmental regulations.

Ein Bulldozer entfernt Reste eines Gebäudeabbruchs


Individuality, creativity and quality for your project

Immerse yourself in the essence of extraordinary projects where uniqueness, creativity and quality merge. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in tailored solutions that capture your unique vision. From interior remodels to historic building restoration, our team combines innovation with craftsmanship to bring your ideas to life. Discover our services and take the first step to transform your space with us.

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