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Bausanierung von Valentic Bau in Bad Reichenhall

Building renovation from Valentic Bau


Professionals for high-quality renovation and renovation, at your service3

The Valentic Bau team can plan and implement your project, including building refurbishment. We transform your space on time and within budget. We offer free consultations, realistic estimates, and excellent customer service to ensure owner satisfaction.

Handwerker bei der Bausanierung von Valentic Bau in Bad Reichenhall


Advice & Cost estimate

Are you unsure about your renovation project?

We would be happy to advise you and take over.planning and implementation.

You will receive professional advice. You can rely on our experience.

Our building renovation services

Mold remediation

Professional mold remediation is crucial to prevent damage to the building fabric and reduce health risks. We identify the causes of mould infestation, develop an individual remediation plan and remove the mould effectively. We take preventative measures to prevent future growth. Contact us for safe and sustainable mold remediation.

Schimmelsanierung von Valentic Bau in Bad Reichenhall

Facade renovation

An intact façade is crucial for the protection of your property. Our experts will analyze the condition of your façade, develop a tailor-made renovation plan and carry out repairs using high-quality materials. Contact us for a professional façade renovation and let your building shine in new splendor

Fassadensanierung von Valentic Bau in Bad Reichenhall

Roof renovation

Our experts ensure the functionality of your roof. After a thorough analysis, we develop an individual renovation plan and use state-of-the-art techniques to repair and protect your roof. Contact us for a professional roof renovation and ensure that your property retains its value.

Dachsanierung von Valentic Bau in Bad Reichenhall


Individuality, creativity and quality for your project

Immerse yourself in the essence of extraordinary projects where uniqueness, creativity and quality merge. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in tailored solutions that capture your unique vision. From interior remodels to historic building restoration, our team combines innovation with craftsmanship to bring your ideas to life. Discover our services and take the first step to transform your space with us.

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