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Investments from Valentic Bau


Professionals for high-quality renovation and renovation, at your service3

The Valentic Bau team can plan and implement your project. We transform your space on time and within budget. We offer free consultations, realistic estimates and excellent customer service to ensure owner satisfaction.

Aussenanlagen von von Valentic Bau GmbH aus Bad Reichenhall


Advice & Cost estimate

Are you unsure about your renovation project?

We would be happy to advise you and take over.planning and implementation.

You will receive professional advice. You can rely on our experience.

Our services for outdoor facilities

Paving work

Valentic Bau GmbH is your expert for paving in Bad Reichenhall and the surrounding area. We offer a wide range of services to individually design and beautify your outdoor areas. From terrace design to natural stone work to the construction of steps and platforms - we implement your wishes and ideas with the utmost precision. Our specialists are also specialized in the construction of steles and natural walls as well as walkways and paths . Trust Valentic Bau for high-quality paving work that will make your outdoor area a real eye-catcher.

Wunderschöne Veranda mit Pflasterarbeiten von von Valentic Bau GmbH aus Bad Reichenhall


We are experts in excavation with drainage pipes and drainage shafts . With our expertise and experience, we ensure that your building site is professionally prepared. The excavation is carried out precisely and efficiently in order to install the necessary drainage systems and ensure optimal drainage. Our experts take care of every detail, from planning to implementation, to ensure that your construction project stands on a stable foundation.

Erdaushub von Valentic Bau GmbH aus Bad Reichenhall

Rainwater cistern

Rainwater cisterns are a sustainable solution for water supply.
Our rainwater cisterns are tailor-made to efficiently collect and store rainwater for later use for irrigation or other non-potable water applications. We handle the entire process from planning to installation, ensuring that your rainwater cistern is a perfect fit for your requirements and location.

Wasser aus dem Wasserschlauch über die Handflächen fliessen lassen

Road reinforcements

We are specialists in paving that combines durability and functionality. We offer tailor-made solutions for paving paths, dirt roads and driveways. By applying recycled granulate or gravel, we create a stable and easily navigable surface that can withstand the demands of a wide range of uses. Our paving is designed to withstand heavy loads while respecting the natural environment.

Man macht Plank auf Pflastersteinen

Fencing and

We offer professional fence and wall solutions that combine security, privacy and aesthetics. We design and build bespoke fences and walls to suit your individual requirements and style preferences. Whether you are looking for a classic brick wall, a modern wooden fence or a robust gabion wall, we have the expertise and experience to make your visions a reality. Rely on Valentic Bau for high-quality fences and walls that will give your property the perfect finishing touch.

Ummauerter Bereiche eines Hauses

Garden houses

At Valentic Bau GmbH in Bad Reichenhall, we are your experts for garden houses that combine functionality and aesthetics. Our tailor-made garden houses offer a versatile solution for additional storage space, a cozy retreat in the countryside or an outdoor work area. We design and build garden houses according to your individual requirements and preferences, adapted to size, style and materials. From classic wooden houses to modern designs - we realize your wishes with the highest precision and quality.

Gartenhaus von Valentic Bau GmbH aus Bad Reichenhall

Garage or

Valentic Bau GmbH in Bad Reichenhall offers individual solutions for garages and carports that optimally meet your needs. We adapt our designs to your requirements and realize projects in different styles and sizes to meet your ideas. From the traditional garage with sectional door to the open carport, we create functional and aesthetically pleasing structures that add value to your home.

Konzept eines Carports


Individuality, creativity and quality for your project

Immerse yourself in the essence of extraordinary projects where uniqueness, creativity and quality merge. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in tailored solutions that capture your unique vision. From interior remodels to historic building restoration, our team combines innovation with craftsmanship to bring your ideas to life. Discover our services and take the first step to transform your space with us.

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