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Professionals for high-quality renovation and renovation, at your service3

The Valentic Bau team can plan and implement your project. We transform your space on time and within budget. We offer free consultations, realistic estimates and excellent customer service to ensure owner satisfaction.

Bauplanung auf einer Baustelle von alentic Bau GmbH Bad Reichenhall


Advice & Cost estimate

Are you unsure about your renovation project?

We would be happy to advise you and take over.planning and implementation.

You will receive professional advice. You can rely on our experience.

Living space transformations

Discover how we have transformed homes to create functional and aesthetic spaces that reflect our clients' lifestyles.

Rohbau Innenraum Valentic Bau Bad Reichenhall
Fertiger Innenraum Valentic Bau Bad Reichenhall

Renovated interiors

Dive into our gallery of works that highlight the ability to transform interiors and facades. 

Rohbau Grossflächen Valentic Bau Bad Reichenhall
Fertigstellung Grossflächen Valentic Bau Bad Reichenhall

Exterior renovation

Discover how we bring courtyards, gardens and facades to life, creating outdoor spaces that complement the architecture and surrounding nature.

Garten vor der Fertigstellung durch Valentic Bau Bad Reichenhall
Außenanlagen nach der Fertigstellung durch Valentic Bau Bad Reichenhall


Quality and distinction in every project

who we are

Since January 1st, 2020 now under new management and new company name – “Valentic Bau GmbH”.

Today we have a managing director, 1 master bricklayer, 7 skilled workers and one trainee. Our catchment area extends across the entire Berchtesgadener Land region.

What we do

We deal with the construction and reconstruction of single-family homes as well as commercial buildings. This includes civil engineering work, concrete work, bricklaying, drywall work, paving and path construction work. Another branch of our work is barrier-free, age-appropriate construction.

Who already trusts us

Our clients include the public sector, regional housing management companies, construction planners and private customers. Expert and personal advice from the start to the completion of the construction project is just as important to us as the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Our motto

High quality using the latest technology, building on time and with experience.” We achieve this through high levels of personal commitment, the constant pursuit of improvement and further training. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions and are not afraid of any challenge.

Aussenfoto Rohbau Zweifamilienhaus alentic Bau GmbH Bad Reichenhall


Individuality, creativity and quality for your project

Immerse yourself in the essence of extraordinary projects where uniqueness, creativity and quality merge. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in tailored solutions that capture your unique vision. From interior remodels to historic building restoration, our team combines innovation with craftsmanship to bring your ideas to life. Discover our services and take the first step to transform your space with us.

Aussenfoto Hausbau mit Baggern  alentic Bau GmbH Bad Reichenhall
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